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Small Bedroom Office Ideas: Maximizing Space

Converting a small room into a home office can be tricky, but we've compiled some of our best tips to create the ultimate bedroom workspace.

Small bedroom office
Kubs Korkmaz
18 Feb 2023 4 min read

Whilst space may be limited, a small bedroom home office combo is more than achievable. Creating a functional and productive office section can be great to improve your motivation and comfort when it comes to working from home or studying. For those who work in uncomfortable environments such as a bed or a sofa, creating a small workspace in the bedroom could have a massive impact in improving your work or study.

Design Strategies for Limited Spaces

There are many different ways you can optimize your workspace to improve various aspect such as storage capability, ergonomics, and space. These tips below should help you gather some ideas:

Hidden Storage

Along with using vertical space, hidden storage solutions can be a great way to make a home office more functional, along with keeping the workspace clutter-free. This can include storage boxes under the bed, ottoman storage furniture such as a bench or chair, or simply a hollow desk with storage comparentments below. This can aid in ensuring all of your office equipment is neatly packed away, allowing quick and easy access if you need to use things throughout your work day.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture consists of any items that can solve multiple problems at once. These can be great to use when your space is limited, or you require hidden storage. An example of multipurpose furniture is any furniture that comes with a fold-down table/shelf, that can be used as a desk and folded out whenever required.

Closed wardrobe
Closed wardrobe
Open wardrobe with pull-out desk
Open wardrobe with pull-out desk

If you're looking to buy the same multipurpose wardrobe as showcased in the images above, check out the Craft Table Wardrobe on Wayfair.

Using Smaller Accessories

Whilst furniture and equipment is a must-have for all home office workspaces, when our space is limited, we need to ensure our choice of accessories are smaller and more compact. Lighting is extremely important when it comes to bringing your workspace to life, and fortunately there are many different methods we can have great ambient lighting, without taking up too much space.

Compact Lighting Solutions

LED strips can be a great choice when it comes to adding more ambient lighting, and they are extremely cheap and customizable. LED strips come in any color and can be attatched to many different places. Our favorites places to utilize LED strips are under your desk, behind a monitor, and behind your desk. These are great choices as the LED strips themselves can sometimes look a bit tacky, especially if you're looking for a professional look, but these placements will hide the strips themselves and retain the great lighting.

RGB lighting from an LED strip
RGB lighting from an LED strip

LEDs are a great suit to all home office workspaces, if you're looking to try out for your own setup, check out these LED Lights for Bedroom on Amazon.

Less is More

If you can't help but think that your workspace looks small or cramped, an idea which may seem odd is to have less on show. Using less accessories and generally keeping your desk empty, prioritizing unused space can be a great way of making your setup look spacious with a lot of room to work with. This is why minimalistic setups are so popular. They look neat, clean, and spacious.

Avoiding Distractions

Although purchasing the right furniture and accessories is important, some of these aesthetic improvements may not aid in maintaining productivity in your bedroom workspace. If you struggle to maintain productivity in your bedroom workspace, that is completely normal and is a problem many others face. It's hard to use a room as a working office, that you also sleep in, you're comfortable bed is there, and that temptation may be hard to combat. It's crucial to set boundaries, avoid distractions, and establish a routine.

These were some of our tips to help you convert your bedroom into the ultimate working environment. If you're looking for more information on optimizing your space to create a workspace, check out our Ultimate Guide to Creating an Efficient Small Home Office Desk Setup, which looks at a more general home office approach, instead of focusing on the bedroom aspect.