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This workspace really showcases how to do a fully dark themed setup correctly. The dark wall behind the desk sets the tone for the workstation. It creates a sophisticated, professional look.

Apart from the monitor, the desk is filled with black accessories that compliment the look. The owner has gone with a neon green for the keyboard and device in the black to give some color to the space. The monitor is the only piece of equipment that doesn't fit within the black and green color palette, but the silver monitor works perfectly with the standing desk legs below.

Electronic Standing Desk

The standing desk is a great addition, they have became increasingly popular in both workspace and home office environments. Sitting for a long time has been linked to numerous health problems. These problems include neck pain, backpain and an increased risk of heart disease and obesity. You can reduce your chance of these by investing in a standing desk.

Working with a standing desk
Working with a standing desk

Alongside the health concerns, the standing desk allows for a lot of customization within your desk setup. You can tune the height of the desk to your liking with a click of a button, and set presets to different modes you'd like to reuse at another time.

If you're looking to buy a standing desk, but they're a little out of your budget. You can purchase a Electric Standing Desk Frame, that allow you to fit which ever desk top you'd like to the top.


Whilst the main focus of this setup is the dark theme, it's important to incorporate other colors to avoid the space feeling doo dark or monochromatic. The owner has done a great job with the peripherals, having subtle neon green adds a great deal to the look. The keyboard also allows for different RGB customization, so the primary color can be changed whenever a fresh look is needed!

Lighting With a Dark Setup

In order to really bring a dark-themed setup to life, the lighting has got to be great. Whilst there is no lamps, or other lighting equipment on show, the owner of this desk has placed their office in a great location with light coming from the side. Without sufficient lighting, the setup could start to look too dark, especially with a black wall. Consider investing in a tall lamp for bright and focused light, or floor lighting for some ambient light.

Lighting up a dark workspace
Lighting up a dark workspace

Overall Thoughts

The setup is really great, this kind of design will fit in with any dark room and the price of the items in the setup are quite reasonable. I hope this setup can bring ideas and inspire you to create your own moody yet profesisonal dark setup.