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The image above showcases a wonderful example of how to have a variety of equipment on your desk, without making it too cluttered. The plants add some color, and the lamp is also a great touch to add some vertical lighting to the setup. This workspace would be great for a student or someone that doesn't have too much space to work with.

Making the Most of a Small Room

The foldable desk featured in the setup is a great idea to allow for adding a place to work in a room that doesn't provide much space. It is also great for people who may not use their desk too often, as you can simply pack the items on the desk away and fold down the desk against the wall. Don't be alarmed about the foldable aspects, most durable foldable desks are made to withstand a lot more than the combined weight of average desk equipment.

Showcasing a folded wall mounted desk
Showcasing a folded wall mounted desk

Lighting From Above

The lamp included in this setup is awesome to see, usually people won't want to go through the effort of getting a wall-mounted desk lamp from above, and instead will buy a small desk lamp, which are great for general ambient lighting, but the vertical lamp is a great choice for workspaces like this that don't have much room to work with, as the normal desk lamp will take up a lot of real estate on the desk.

Lighting is crucual when it comes to assembling a productive workspace. Lighting helps to keep you up and ready to work, it allows for working at all times of the day (no one enjoys working in pure darkness), and most importantly, it brings warmth your environment. I'd encourage everyone to add some sort of lighting to their setup, whether that's using a lamp, LEDs, a funky light-up keyboard, or great general lighting in the room.

Adding Plants to Your Workspace

No one dislikes plants, right? I'm sure there are some that forget to water them (guilty as charged), but plants will add the finishing touches to the aesthetics of your desk. It provides some natural color that compliments in a completely different way to LED's or other artificial lighing sources. If you're one of those people that struggle to keep plants alive, you can always purchase some Artificial Plants instead of the real deal. Keeping similar looks, but removing the labour of watering them frequently.

Two beautiful cacti in clay plant pots
Two beautiful cacti in clay plant pots

Apple Products

Whilst Apple is a brand that some people dislike, it's hard to deny that apple products really do help level up workspace when it comes to aesthetics. The clean look and great quality really can add a professional look. The setup features a Macbook Pro, and an iMac Retina, great for graphics design, development, writing, and most other uses.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for inspiration for a versatile setup in a small space, this is a great place to find ideas. The products in this setup add up to a big budget, but you can easily replace some of the more expensive items for more affordable products.